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My Projects

Below is a list of projects I'm currently or was once involved in. Some of these projects were contracted, while others were done on my own initiative.

Epoch DHTML Javascript Calendar and the Epoch Prime AJAX Calendar

  • Project Type: Independent
  • status: Complete

DOM-based DHTML JavaScript and AJAX calendars, featuring:

  • 8000+ downloads since March 2006
  • Rated 5/5 on and 9/10 on
  • Multiple date selections
  • Run as an inline or popup-style calendar
  • Can be set up with little or no Javascript experience
  • Use multiple date formats (US, European, etc.)
  • AJAX configuration and date
  • Import special dates & holidays via XML
  • Easiliy extensible by JavaScript developers

Epoch and Epoch Prime are available at

PHP5/MySQL5 E-Commerce System

  • Project Type: Independent
  • Dates: March 2006 - September 2007
  • status: Complete

Richly-featured e-commerce system:

  • Fully object-oriented and independent of any content-management system
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Advanced fraud-checking and error-handling system (designed with the LinkPoint® payment gateway)
  • Secure from SQL injection and other attacks – uses MySQL prepared statements for all user input
  • Uses SQL transactions and foreign keys to ensure data integrity.
  • Fast, efficient design
  • SSL encrypted
  • Logging system tracks conversions and attrition rates

PHP5/MySQL5 Content-Management-System(CMS)

  • Project Type: Independent
  • Dates: Oct. 2005 - Nov 2006
  • status: Complete

I designed this user and search engine-friendly CMS to make maintaining easier and maximize my pages' ranks in Google and other search engines. Based on PHP5/Smarty Template Engine, and a MySQL5 content database using the InnoDB engine.

  • Fast – all page content fetched with just 3 SQL queries.
  • Search engine friendly:
    • Page titles, metas, and content all modifiable either when page is created or from within the page's code
    • Dynamic sitemap creation for Google Sitemaps – include/exclude pages, set priority, etc.
    • HTTP condition GET (HTTP 304 caching) – cuts bandwidth usage and frees server resources.
    • Built-in system for redirecting users and robots (HTTP 301), and 404 errors – prevents this from happening.
  • Designed for UTF-8 encoding – can handle ALL major world languages.
  • Easy extensibility via module system – run custom code on page or site section-based criteria.
  • AJAX-based resource editor makes creating and managing site resources fast and easy.
  • Database-based logging system for easier user tracking.


  • Project Type: Contract
  • Dates: July 2003 - August 2006
  • status: Complete

A C++/MySQL-based employee-management and scheduling system for companies in the academic assistance industries featuring:

Employee & Client database
Stores the information on an unlimited number of employees, job applicants, clients, and students.
Tracks the availability and location of employees for tutoring on a week-by-week basis, allowing users to know at a glance whether an employee is available at a given time.
Powerful SQL-based search of employee schedule data and their qualifications, allowing fast profiling and matching with the appropriate clients. One of my customers noted that this feature cut the hours devoted to scheduling employees with clients by 70%.
Tracked special rates and fees for various types of sessions, allowing user to set and calculate billing rates by individual session, client, and day of week.

Veritas Online Statements

  • Project Type: Contract
  • Dates: Jun. 2004 - Jan. 2005
  • status: Complete

A billing statement system developed for a Los Angeles-based tutoring company. Developed using PHP (with Smarty template engine), and MySQL.

Statement Review
Employees can view and print individual statements for clients via their web browser.
Custom Statement Templates
Clients' statement layout changes with their payment status (i.e. paid, delinquent, etc.)
Multiple Statement Printing
Printer-friendly statement page where all selected clients' statements can be printed for final review and mailing.

You can view a version of the statements (with filler data) here.

Product Database & Pricing System

  • Project Type: Contract
  • Dates: Feb 2005 - Sept. 2005
  • status: Complete

Product inventory database for a major ink and toner company. It is an extremely competitive industry and prices fluctuate frequently – making it difficult for companies to price their inventory effectively.

Users can easily set item prices based on type, oem/compatible, and price tier (i.e. end-user, distributor, etc)
Import Data via ODBC
Linked with company's MAS90® warehouse management software to retreive latest inventory and costs
Custom Pricing
Users can easily create custom pricing for different customers.
Catalog Generation
PHP script generated entire inventory catalog in a matter of minutes—permitting up-to-the-minute pricing for potential customers.

Investor's Business Daily Stock Screener

  • Project Type: Independent
  • Dates: Aug. 2003 - Nov. 2004
  • status: Complete

My first major PHP/Web project, this system tracked various Investor's Business Daily ratings on over 5000 publicly traded companies. Data was harvested daily via IBD's premium tools. This system offered me a significant edge due to the extra flexibility of using my own database. Recently updated to be more W3C standards-compliant.

Fast Searching
Searches were far faster than even the most basic filtering tools provided on the IBD website.
Data Import
PHP Script that parsed tab-separated data into the main data table
Track IBD ratings over time
The daily snapshots of IBD data allowed users to track a stock's ratings over time, enabling them to determine whether a stock's ratings were improving or deteriorating.
Extra Filtering Criteria
User could search by company name, symbol, description, and the numerous IBD ratings.