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Professional Developer Experience

Below is a list of my qualifications as a developer:


2 Years Experience

  • Order fulfillment system for Air Synergy Labs, Inc
  • Epoch Prime AJAX Calendar – a calendar widget with power to import events from a server-side database and display them in the calendar


2 Years Experience

Advanced experience; including:

  • Object-oriented design
  • DOM scripting & DHTML
  • Custom widgets (see calendar project)
  • HTML Form Validation.


3 Years Experience – including PHP5

  • Heavy OOP experience, with both PHP4 & PHP5 object models – programming method of choice.
  • Multi-tier design, with separate database, business logic, and presentation layers
  • AJAX Web Applications with PHP handling server-side requests
  • Out-of-box(osCommerce) and customized eCommerce solutions
  • cURL experience – for spidering/data harvesting and business intelligence


4 Years Experience

  • Versions 3.23 to 5.0
  • Experience with both the PHP and C API MySQL libraries


4 Years Experience

  • Standards-compliant page design
  • Table-less design, including table-less forms.
  • Better Search Engine Page Rank:
    • Targeted keywords
    • Semantic markup
    • Separation of content & styling
  • Strong CSS experience – Easy changes to page look & feel without digging into page contents


4 Years Experience

  • Borland C++ Builder – strong experience with multi-user client-server database applications.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET – basic experience.
  • Extensive scientific/mathematical programming experience.
    • Monte Carlo simulations.
    • Molecular Dynamics/Statistical Mechanics-based simulation.
  • Comfortable developing in a UNIX/Linux environment using gcc, vi is editor of choice

General Software Experience

Experience varies by program

  • DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/XP – extensive experience, including intermediate system administration.
  • UNIX/Linux – intermediate experience, including setup and basic system administration
  • Apache Web Server – intermediate experience:
    • UNIX/Linux environment
    • SSL certificates with mod_ssl
    • mod_rewrite
    • Virtual hosts
    • Configuration & basic administration
  • Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop
  • Microsoft Office
    Especially strong experience, including data analysis, Solver, network flow modelling/optimization problems, Monte Carlo forecasting.
    Intermediate experience
    Intermediate experience, familiar with dynamic presentations.
    Familiar with all commonly-used aspects, including Tasks, Calendar, and collaboration features.
    Familiar with basic operation.